Designing online recently became especially important.

It is a productive and fairly quick way of a designer/ customer cooperation.


No matter what the geographical location of the customer is.


Online project is -20% off the price list (Project "PREMIUM")

Step 1



Application letter from you


  • filled in Technical task 

  • plan and photos your house or apartments

  • analogs of favorite interiors (stating what exactly you like about it)


* To help you decide on stylistic decision, we will gradually create a visual gallery




Step 2


Agreeing on the cost, deadlines and payment methods.

All paragraphs are going into the Agreement, and then we send it to you and make all the adjustments necessary. Prepayment. 



Step 3


Work on the plan.

According to the plan of house we prepare the plan of measurements and send it to you.

On the site you need to check all sizes and give us not matching measurements and those that have been requested separately.

After making adjustments, we offer you 2 options plans with furniture and equipment.

Then we confirm one of them, or create the 3rd and final option on their basis.



Step 4


Work on collages and sketches.


Having analyzed the TT and your analogs,

we make an interior concept with the selection of

furniture, equipment and décor and send it to you.

We look forward to your comments and


Payment for Phase Visualization to be made.


Step 5


The work on 3D rendering.


Creating interior visualization.

Sending it to you for approval.

If necessary, making adjustments.

Sending you the final visualization of the album.

Documentation phase payment to be made.



Step 6


Preparing documentation.


We prepare and send you the documentation album.

You can print the A3 album format copy of any interior in any printing houses around your city.





The implementation of the project.


We are always in touch with our customers and even after the end of the project, you can always feel free to ask any questions. 


РАБОТАЕМ В ГОРОДАХ | We work in the following cities:


по предварительной записи | appointment required


встреча с дизайнерами на объекте | a meeting with designers at your place



напишите нам и мы найдем решение, у нас большой 

опыт дистанционной работы | write us

+7 922 121 33 68
+7 922 120 52 58

11:00  -  18:00

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